For this 2021 Inter-biennial event, the Cuiseaux Pays des Peintres Committee has chosen to revive the winegrowing past of the old medieval town. Cuiseaux counted 200 wine growers until the phylloxera attack in 1885, which explains the existence of a Museum of the vine and the wine grower in the centre of the village.
The flagship exhibition will showcase the work of the artist Gérard Puvis on the vine and wine.
It is common to take off the rim of a good bottle during a meal to shape the tin between your fingers. Gérard Puvis also gave in to the temptation of prolonging the pleasure of the palate by undressing the famous bottle necks. For 25 years his works have been exhibited all over the world.
Two exhibition rooms will be dedicated to him: his paintings and drawings in the Galerie d'Hauteville (50 m2) and his sculptures made from the collars of lead/tin bottles and also declined in engravings and collages, in the new Galerie des Puces of 120 m2.
André Siegel, already curator of "La Ruche va à la campagne" in 2020, will be the curator.
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