Lake Moriri is located on the Changthang Plateau, at an altitude of 4,522 metres. At 19 km long and 3 km wide, it is the largest in Ladakh after Pangong Tso. Located south-east of Leh, it is relatively difficult to access, however many agencies offer to get there via the village of Karzog. A permit is required to visit this part of Ladakh. Tso Moriri hasn't yet been stared at by mass tourism like Pangong, that's what makes it so beautiful. It is in this region that one can meet the Changpa community, a nomadic people. The lake and its surroundings are home to an exceptional fauna: khiangs (wild horses of the Tibetan plateau, an endemic species), snow leopards, marmots, gazelles, wolves... You are here in inhospitable but authentic Himalayan soil.

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