At the northern tip of India, behind the high Himalayan peaks, lies Zanskar. In winter, temperatures are around -30 °C and the nights are freezing. Snow envelops the high-altitude passes, the valley remains one of the most isolated in the Himalayas, and the river shows a new face, suddenly turning into a chadar, or "frozen river". It then becomes a natural way for caravans and Zanskaris wishing to travel to Leh to spend the winter. For experienced walkers, this is the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in its deep gorges and make a trek out of time. If the local population makes the trip to Leh in only four days, it will take you six or seven days. The colours, the cracking of the ice, the encounters and the spectacular landscapes give this expedition a unique character. Obviously, the conditions of such a trek are difficult (walking time, isolation, climatic hazards, etc.) and require excellent physical fitness and good adaptability. However, the construction of a strategic road along the river, in order to compensate for the isolation of the local population, should soon jeopardize this superb trek ...

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