Situation. This village is known by two names Zveçani/Zveçan in Albanian and Звечан/Zvečan in Serbian (same pronunciation: "zvet-chane"). It has a population of 1,300, 99% Serbian. It is the capital of the municipality of Zveçan/Zvečan (16,500 inhabitants, 95% Serbs and 2% Albanians) and is part of the district of Mitrovica. The village is located 3.5 km northwest of Mitrovica, 29 km south of Leposaviq/Leposavić.

Description. This small town located at an altitude of 545 m is home to the country's largest industrial site: the foundry of the Trepča group, which employed up to 4,000 people. Almost closed since 1999, this out-of-date plant processes zinc and lead from nearby mines and mines across the country. But don't be discouraged by the sight of this huge grey mass of 306 m long topped with chimneys. The village itself is rather green and pleasant (and much less polluted than before). Above all, the surrounding area is home to some important historical sites, not least the impressive fortress of Zvečan which dominates the entire region.

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