These beautiful waterfalls (Ujëvarët e Mirushës - Slapovi Miruše) were created by the Mirusha River. The latter carved a narrow canyon in the cliffs, 10 km long, creating in its path no less than sixteen lakes and twelve waterfalls. In places, the canyon is about 200 m deep. The highest, located between the sixth and seventh lakes, is about 22 m high. The last lake, the easily accessible one, is one of the largest. Its depth is about 5 to 7 m. The waterfall that feeds it falls about 15 metres. Several caves and cavities are also visible along the cliff walls forming the canyon. In summer, it is not uncommon for the most daring to climb the rocks to jump from the top of the last fall. Mirusha is a very popular place, especially because it is shady, while the river brings its coolness. A bar has been set up in the immediate vicinity of the waterfall.

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