The world's 10 most spectacular waterfalls

If water is one of the most powerful elements of nature, waterfalls are the perfect representation of this fascinating and frightening force at a time. If Niagara Falls make us all dream, our blue planet has other impressive masterpieces, often accessible at the price of a long hike. Little Futé has drawn up the list of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world.

N ° 10 - Falls from Sutherland, New Zealand

These vertical falls, south of New Zealand, run over 580 meters. They are among the longest in the world. Located in a difficult area of access, they are reached after a 4-day trek on the Milford Track. The journey is long, but you'll put your eye on it. Counsel: go on a rainy day, they are even more impressive! 

N ° 9 - Dettifoss Fall (Iceland)

It is neither the largest nor the deepest but certainly one of the most impressive since with its 200 m 3 water flow per hour, Dettifoss is Europe's most powerful waterfall. Located on the river Jökulsa, in the desert of northern Iceland, it is one of the most glaring examples of the beauty and strength of nature.  

N ° 8 - Fall of the angel's jump, Venezuela

From its 979 meters, Salto Angel is the world's largest natural waterfall. Located in Canaima National Park in south-eastern Venezuela, far from all civilizations, it is accessible after at least three days of canoe and one hour walking in the virgin forest. An exceptional journey in the heart of a stunning and enchanting nature.

N ° 7 - Falls of Havasu, ÉUnited States

The falls of Havasu are located in the Grand Canyon National Park. Here, the blue of the water marries perfectly with the red of the rock to offer a sensational decor. Located on the Sanctuary of Havasupai, the people with blue-green waters, these waterfalls are 160 km from the very first signs of civilization. It is therefore a protected place and its waters are even considered sacred by the tribes of the region.

N ° 6 - Niagara Falls, Canada/ÉUnited States

Of all the falls, they are certainly the most famous and visited. Summer and winter, many curious people come to discover the famous Niagara Falls. Two of them are on American soil - American Fall and Bridal Veil Falls - and the last is in Canada - Horseshoe Falls. Since then, we have the most beautiful view on its majestic water tubes. An essential step on a trip to Canada!

N ° 5 - Cascades of Plitvice, Croatia

Located between Zagreb and Zadar, Plitvice Lakes National Park is one of the most incredible places in Croatia. Composed of 16 great lakes connected to each other by over 92 waterfalls and breathtaking waterfalls, the park is rightly inscribed on UNESCO's world heritage. Surrounded by spruce forests, fir trees and maple trees, rare animals such as bear or wild cats live in nature. The visit of this park is unavoidable at a Croatian road trip. 

N ° 4 - Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

Located between Zambia and Zimbabwe, Victoria Falls is one of the most impressive places in Southern Africa. The water of the Zambèze flows here over a hundred meters and in a monumental fracas. To discover the falls, go hiking or prefer an airplane override. During the rainy season, from March to April, they redouble their power and give place to magnificent chaos. 

N ° 3 - Falls of Iguazù, Argentina/Brazil

On the border between Argentina and Brazil, the falls of Iguazù are surrounded by lush tropical fauna and flora where tubs and parrots reign as master. These 275 waterfalls span only 3 km and pour 6 million liters of water per second! They are so impressive that they have served as a backdrop to many films such as Miami Vice or Indiana Jones 4

N ° 2 - Bore of Baatara, Lebanon

Located in Tannourine, north of Lebanon, the abyss of Baatara, nicknamed «the three bridges», is a true wonder of nature, a deep 240 m. To discover its main curiosity, we have to wait for snow melting: The Oued Baatara then forms a 90 m waterfall that rises behind three rock bridges in limestone. The show is striking! 

N ° 1 - Kaieteur Falls, Guyana

Few travelers visit Guyana and its wild forest… Yet, in the west of the country, in Kaieteur National Park, there are certainly the most beautiful falls in the world. Located on the river Potaro, they dispose of the top of a sandstone plateau of 230 m. Surrounded by lush nature, they are in the image of this still preserved country of tourism: discover without delay! 

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