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A vast expanse with just over 550,000 inhabitants, Charleroi Métropole shows an unexpected economic form as well as a remarkable cultural dynamism. Located in Wallonia, Charleroi Métropole is made up of a group of 29 municipalities. Once a fertile land of the industrial revolution, the city of Charleroi, the largest in Wallonia, is the "central" centre of attraction of this multifaceted territory. Land of welcome for many often very innovative projects, land of tourism and culture, land of excellence, agricultural and forest land with a strong rural character, all this at once!

Charleroi Métropole, in its own components, can boast a great complementarity. The northern part - the region of the city of Charleroi - is essentially made up of a (very) dense urbanised fabric and a crown of cultivated land. The southern part (Thudinie, Botte du Hainaut, Pays des Lacs, Calestienne, south of Entre-Sambre and Meuse,...) offers a rural, agricultural and forest character, favourable to tourism as well as singular economic specialities, an unsuspected wealth of crafts, folklore and heritage and small dynamic centres. Between the two... beautiful differences that finally bring together!

The Charleroi Métropole area boasts undeniable assets and successes such as several business parks at the cutting edge of new technologies or internationally renowned research centres (in total, nearly 700 companies active in aeronautics, space, health, agri-food, transport, logistics and communication....), but also Belgium's second largest airport after Brussels-National, efficient training centres, creative and avant-garde cultural institutions, preserved tourist sites, vast forest massifs, a coastline larger than that of the North Sea and a tangible and intangible heritage recognised by UNESCO.

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