To the southwest of the city, after the airport, you come across a beautiful ribbon of white sand, bordered by a tempting sea, but watch out for currents and breakers. In windsurfing, it is one of the best places in the world for speed events because the wind, channelled between two mountains, blows very strongly. Good wave for bodyboarding or surfing. On this beach is a fishing village, built at the foot of the mountain. Take a walk to admire the catch while tasting some grilled fish accompanied by a cold beer or punch. People are friendly, and welcoming if you go to them. From there, a beautiful walk is possible, on a mountainside overlooking the sea. By a paved path, you reach a lighthouse. The hike offers beautiful views over the entire bay of São Pedro. Count about 1h30 round trip; beware of gusts of wind and vertigo!

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