Village in the north of the Hanlé plain, located at the foot of an important relief, the Babba Alou, culminating at 972 m. It can be reached by bush taxi from Dikhil. A bad track skirts this massif and leads to the plain of Gaggadé, a beautiful depression framed by reliefs.

From Yoboki, a track (4x4 only) called N7 goes south and allows to reach, by various routes, the Gobaad and As Eyla, or even the Abbey Lake, crossing various and marked reliefs. On the way to Gobaad, one encounters some ruins of houses and then cuts through a plateau streaked with wadi beds, small valleys, in a north-west/south-east direction.

From Yoboki, the N1 continues northwards. At the end of the Hanlé plain, one can branch off to the left towards Agna and its small palm grove frequented by nomads.

The N1 runs alongside beautiful basalt cliffs. We can see bunches of palm trees, before reaching another plain, that of Galafi. The salty expanse is studded with a few palm trees, forming a very pretty landscape.

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