About ten kilometres after passing the crossroads of the Unity Road, one reaches a small desert of silty clay, the Petit Bara. It is crossed lengthwise by a track that joins the locality of Ouadjalé, at the foot of Mount Hemed. The N1 road then crosses a slight basalt relief before reaching the Grand Bara, a more imposing cousin of the previous one.

This vast white expanse, parched and cracked, is known to all sand yachting enthusiasts. Unfortunately, today it has become complicated to organize a session. Various projects would be under consideration to revive the activity. To be continued.

The Grand Bara, a 30 km long and 10 km wide flat sand surface, whose end is not visible from the road, is particularly well known for its mirages and small eddies of burning sand. They follow trajectories so unexpected and changing that one could imagine them to be endowed with reason. The area is also a popular place for many animals: jackals, fennecs, hyenas, gazelles, dig-digs and, of course, dromedaries. From the Grand Bara, one can go westwards to the plain of Gaggadé following a difficult but correct track.

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