Seven miles west of Jaisalmer. Lost in the middle of a desert expanse, the village is composed of ruins and ochre sandstone houses, whose facades are covered with red and white patterns. A temple is built on the roof of one of them. At the end of the day, you will witness a beautiful sunset.

Legend has it that 180 years ago, the inhabitants of 84 neighbouring villages, including Kuldhara, deserted their homes in the middle of the night. No one knows where they really went, but it seems to be near Jodhpur. The inhabitants were Paliwal Brahmins, reputed to be very intelligent, who had lived here for 500 years. According to some, at that time the governor of the region treated them inhumanely, overcharged them with taxes and did not respect them. They would have had no choice but to flee the village in the middle of the night to escape their tyrannical governor forever.

Another story tells that a maharaja is said to be the cause of the exodus. He would have wanted to marry a woman from the village, but her family would have opposed the marriage. Taken in anger, the maharaja allegedly threatened the inhabitants with death if the girl's hand was not granted. Refusing to give in to blackmail, the whole village would have preferred to flee. But even today the soul of the villagers is still omnipresent in Kuldhara...

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