About thirty kilometres east of Blida, the N29 that leads to Larba, in the direction of Bouira, ends on the right, at the commune of Bougara, on a small road, the wilaya 14, which climbs towards the Hammam-Melouane.

37 km south of Algiers, Hammam Melouane is a spa resort whose calcium sulphate waters are recommended for rheumatic conditions, after-effects of trauma, allergies or dermatoses.

However, it is not really a city suitable for tourism because outside the spa and the hotel on the spot, there is nothing to do. The spa was recently refurbished and opened in 2018. In a modest and simple setting, it offers care at low rates (average cost of care is 2,000 DA, hammam between 400 and 500 DA) and is very popular with the Algerian working class.

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