The poster of CINEVOCE 10 is a tribute that the association Ombradipeter wishes to pay to a great Italian actress recently deceased, MONICA VITTI. Even if we will not be screening any film with her presence, it was our duty to remember a great actress and a great woman.
This year we will screen two beautiful films that we fell in love with, "Gli Asteroidi" and "La Promessa" two different and touching films, two films that probably none of you have seen yet, for us it was important to propose them to you, for their beauty and because they are independent films without big distributors that deserve to exist and be seen.
To complete the cinema program, we asked one of the most talented directors in Italy, Ivano di Matteo, to screen a short film that he presented at the Venice Film Festival and which was filmed entirely with a cell phone, as a backdrop Rome "Trastwest" a poetry in images.
Then in the style Ombradipeter, those who know us for Italiart ti amo festival and for Cinevoce know what we are talking about, we added a concert of the group Rive Gauche dedicated to cinema, a beautiful photographic exhibition on the revisited works of art of Florence and a theatrical performance.
Come and have a drink with us on Tuesday the 11th at 6pm at the Maison des Associations and we'll meet to discuss all this in all simplicity and friendship.

from Tuesday 10 to Tuesday 17 May Exhibition Daniela Corsini (Free)
Tuesday, May 10 6pm Exhibition opening/Cinevoce opening + Surprise performance (Free)
Wednesday, May 11 8pm Film " Gli Asteroidi " Vo Subtitle Fr (Free)
Friday, May 13 8pm Film " La Promessa " Vo Subtitle Fr (Free)
Saturday, May 14 3pm Concert " Rive Gauche " + Short film " Trastwest " (5 Euros )
Tuesday May 17 20h Theater " Mente/Esprit " by and with Vincenzo Cirillo (Free)
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