Five miles from Nueva Palmira. The Playa de la Agraciada is a sandbank that runs along the Uruguay river for 13 km. It was here that the military expedition of the Treinta y Tres Orientales landed on April 19, 1825, under the orders of Juan Antonio Lavalleja y Manuel Oribe, with the aim of expelling the Brazilians who were occupying the Oriental Province, then called Provincia Cisplatina. The name of the site is unexplained. According to some sources, the site was named after a beautiful peasant woman, la agraciada. According to others, this name is a distortion of the term graseada, a method of extracting fat from cattle during the colonial era. Finally, the name Arenal Grande, the name by which the site is known, comes from the arroyo, a tributary of the Uruguay River. Since 1862 a pyramid has been erected here commemorating the Treinta y Tres Orientales epic, and an oil painting by the painter Blanes celebrates their oath.

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