Chur (in German Chur) is the first city you meet when you come from the north on the motorway. It is also the capital of the canton. The people of Graubünden claim that it is easy to know that you are entering their region: suddenly, the weather is fine! The Tourist Office says it loud and clear: "Where the fog disappears, so begins Graubünden". Chur is a tourist and industrial city of 34,000 inhabitants. You must discover its charming and lively city centre. Chur serves most of the major resorts in Graubünden, especially Arosa, which is only 30 km away. Flims and Laax are 20 km away, Davos 55 km, St. Moritz 70 km. Chur boasts a double privilege in Switzerland: being the warmest city in summer and the oldest (the National Weather Service bears witness to the former and traces of settlement dating back 5,000 years to the latter). As the capital of the canton of Graubünden, Chur has a long tradition as a "capital": as early as the 3rd century, Chur was the centre of the Roman province of Rätia Prima.

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