In the Pannonian plain, this marshy reserve extends over nearly 300 km², which you can explore by boat or by bike, marvelling at the richness of the fauna and flora. One hour's drive from Belgrade, you will have the opportunity to approach more than 900 plant species, among which are quite rare flowers, typical of this region of Banat: božur, pelen or šerpet. It is also one of the most important migratory bird reserves in Europe, with almost 300 species present. The wildlife is also quite diverse, including free-ranging deer, roe deer and wild boar. If you are interested in more dynamic activities, the park has areas for fishing and hunting. The reserve is easily accessible from the capital: just cross the Danube at Pančevo and head towards the town of Vršac. The main entrance is 30 km from Pančevo.

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