On this well signposted road there are several signs mentioning Beehive Huts: these are small stone huts that served as dwellings for farmers in the early Christian era. Slea Head offers the best views of the Dingle Peninsula. The road meanders along the cliffside along the sea to the white crucifix that announces the sublime Slea Head. In the distance, rocky islets, as sharp as so many sea crests, bristling and protecting the islands like a patrol of immobile ships. The clouds shade the sea with a bright darkness that shimmers to blindness. And the day slowly declines (for the record, this is where the films Ryan's Daughter and Far Horizons were shot). Don't miss to visit the Dunbeg Fort (an 8th or 9th century fort) as well as the Fahan Group (Beehive Huts) built by the first monks to arrive in Ireland.

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