Schwangau is a farming village 4 km from Füssen, but not just any farming village. It is the "village of royal castles", the community that is home to two royal castles: Neuschwanstein, the most famous castle of Ludwig II of Bavaria (1845-1886), and Hohenschwangau Castle, built by his father Maximilian II of Bavaria (1811-1864), where the fairy-tale king spent much of his childhood. Each year, its two architectural and artistic wonders attract more than 1.5 million visitors from all over the world. The styles of the two castles are completely different: Hohenschwangau, a castle in neo-Gothic style, has a warmly coloured facade and looks more like a feudal building. Opposite him is Neuschwanstein (literally: New Swan Rock), made by Ludwig II in commemoration of Richard Wagner of whom he was the patron. Legend has it that Walt Disney was inspired by Neuschwanstein for the castle of Sleeping Beauty. It's best to arrive very early in the morning because these two castles attract tons of tourists, coaches from all over the world. Despite the fact that castles are the main attractions of Schwangau and its surroundings, there is another star not to be forgotten: the picturesque landscape that is looking for its equal. At least one hike, on the shores of Lake Forggensee or elsewhere, on foot or by bike, is compulsory! A more than pleasant stage.

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