The Moulay Yacoub spa, located in the middle of nature at the bottom of an arid valley, 15 km from Fez, is renowned for its naturally warm sulphurous water, "real sea water" with many therapeutic and soothing properties. The waters of Moulay Yacoub are among the most important in the country. Highly concentrated in dissolved salts, mainly sodium, calcium and magnesium, this thermal water has a unique classification in the world. The cures at Moulay Yacoub help to relieve rheumatism, respiratory ailments, skin diseases and gynaecological problems. The spa is a place of pilgrimage that is very popular, people come from all over Morocco, often with their families. It is a special experience, which will make you discover a little-known facet of Moroccan life. If you go to the municipal thermal baths, you will not meet many tourists, so you will have to pay attention to the way you are dressed to be able to move around discreetly. The thermal baths in the heart of the village, with rudimentary comfort, are the oldest and attract many people. Further down, you will find the new Vichy Thermalia spa, a true temple of well-being open in the summer of 2018, offering a whole range of thermal water-based treatments and numerous facilities dedicated to relaxation and medical care (possibility of sleeping in a hotel, the treatment and accommodation packs being at special rates).

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