Cocos Island! The name already delights the imagination. Big Hollywood rocks, in the middle of which coconut trees grow... Add to that a handful of fine sand and crystal clear waters all around, and we're in the middle of a postcard... Cocos, just a few fathoms from Félicité, is a perfect symbol of the small Seychelles granite island. The photographers, especially the charming ones, were not mistaken. So many images canned in so few espace  ! Underwater too, the show is guaranteed. We're even here in the most beautiful depths that you can find around La Digue. But so many boats were anchored in front of Cocos that the splendid coral reef surrounding the island was damaged. If it is still possible to visit it, for a landing fee of 200 SR per visitor (usually included in the price of the excursions), it is better to avoid it so as not to damage the precious granite a little more .

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