Altitude: 4,250 m. Length: 134 km. Perhaps you have never heard of Pangong Tso before, but no sooner have you set foot in Ladakh than the postcards, posters and books sold in every shop will titillate your curiosity to the shores of this magnificent lake. On the road, the scenery rivals in beauty: majestic mountains, deserts of sand and salt, frozen rivers and pastures where herds of Kashmiri goats, yaks and small donkeys graze... Then, at the end of a long suspense, Pangong finally lets its crystalline waters, even clearer than a postcard! This immense lake that separates India and China is a spectacle in itself. The eternal snows are reflected on the lake which reveals a permanent gradation of colours. Pangong inevitably seduces travellers. On the other hand it is useless to stay there more than one night, there is absolutely nothing to be done. In season, it attracts a lot of people; the traffic is then disrupted and this magical setting can be distorted by the influx of tourists.

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