Azrou is built at an altitude of 1,250 m on the edge of a volcanic rock, from which it takes its name (zrou means "rock" in Berber). This village of Berber origin is quite old. It is known to be exceptionally peaceful, it enchants the visitor with its fresh air, greenery and the calm of its inhabitants. Its surroundings are remarkable, with the most beautiful cedar forest in Morocco, in which it is possible to make beautiful excursions. In the city itself, you will appreciate as a major tourist interest, the big Akechmir rock near the Ennour mosque, the handicraft market and the fish farming center (trout farming). Today, Azrou is located on the edge of a major road between Fez and Marrakech. If you take the CTM, your bus driver will inevitably stop there and you will have the opportunity to taste delicious kebabs (Azrou is known for its tasty grills).

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