Ifrane is a surprising little town that will seduce mountain lovers. Located at an altitude of 1,650 m and 50 km from Fez, it is nicknamed "Little Switzerland" with its Swiss village atmosphere. Luxury chalets and western-style urban planning make it an atypical destination in the Moroccan landscape. The city is a succession of identical villas with pink tiled roofs and private gardens. The cleanliness and the flowerbeds are reminiscent of a Swiss mountain resort. The city was entirely built by the French in 1929, and in 1936 the public authorities granted it funds to finance the development of infrastructure for the practice of winter sports. One thus goes to Ifrane in the summer to escape the overwhelming heat of Fez or Meknes, and find a bit of calm and coolness. One can then fish or go on superb hikes. In the winter, if the capricious snow makes it possible, it is possible to come and ski in Michlifen. Michlifen is especially beautiful because of its location: the surrounding cedar forest is one of the most beautiful in Morocco. Ideally, one can spend a day visiting Ifrane and the neighbouring Azrou, and take advantage of the opportunity to take one of the sightseeing tours through the forest.

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