Located 38 km south of Fez, this small town of 12,000 inhabitants culminates at 1,345 meters. It is the mountain resort where the Fassis people like to go in search of tranquillity. The village on the edge of the Kandar Massif is organized around a large square with terraced restaurants. The kasbah bears the name of Aït Serghouchen and shelters underground dwellings that arouse the curiosity of visitors. From Imouzzer, you can continue south to Ifrane, another resort sought after by Moroccans, then Azrou and its famous cedar forest.

Imouzzer was created at the beginning of the last century by the French. The resort benefits from a very pleasant climate in summer and more invigorating in winter. Many excursions to make in the surroundings: kasbah of Aït Seghrouchen, troglodytic houses, numerous springs, cedar forest and trout fishing.

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