As soon as the health situation allows it again, families and groups of friends will certainly be numerous to join Disneyland Paris to enjoy the many attractions and an atmosphere that never ceases to enchant young and old alike. Whether you want to get a good dose of adrenaline in Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain, watch a parade or simply go and meet the characters that make Disney a success, every occasion is good to treat yourself to a memorable stay. When it comes time to book and to fully enjoy the park over a weekend or several days, the question of accommodation arises and is even part of the magic of Disney! Although Disney manages several hotels, each with its own particularities, it is not always easy to make a choice. Here are a few arguments to help you make the right decision.

Determining the important criteria

The Disney hotels, managed directly by Disneyland, are Disney's Newport Bay Club, Disney's Hotel Cheyenne, Disney's Hotel Santa Fe, Disneyland Hotel, Disney Davy Crocket Ranch, Disney Sequoia Lodge, and Disney's New York - The Art of Marvel. With the exception of the Disney Davy Crocket Ranch, which is located outside the resort and requires a car, Disney hotels have the advantage of being located within the large park complex, and have a shuttle bus that runs in front of the entrance to Disneyland. In addition, they provide access from 1 to 2 hours in the morning before the arrival of the public in large numbers, an offer specially reserved for hotel residents!

Each hotel has a specific theme. The public can therefore indulge themselves by opting for the universe that appeals to them the most and that will lead them to a total change of scenery! In order to go to a Disney hotel that meets your expectations, it is necessary to take stock of the atmosphere and facilities that correspond to your desires and needs. In terms of criteria, it is important to know that standard rooms in Disney hotels can accommodate up to 4 people. For larger families, you will have to join the Disney Davy Crocket Ranch which can accommodate 6 to 8 people. After a long day walking in the park, it can be very pleasant to spend some time in the swimming pool, and all Disney hotels have a pool area except Disney's Hotel Cheyenne and Disney's Hotel Santa Fe.

Choose the theme that corresponds to your desires

The themes play an important role in the final choice. Beyond its location in the park, the Disneyland Hotel delights those who wish to experience the feeling of being in a real princess castle. The Disney universe is omnipresent and the rooms are upscale and comfortable. At the New York hotel, in 2021, you will have the chance to experience a break in the world of the Avengers, for a most futuristic atmosphere.

The Disney Sequoia Lodge leads into the wooded area of the great American redwood forests. There is a bar-lounge area where parents can enjoy a drink while the children frolic on either side. For a trip back in time, Disney's Hotel Cheyenne is the perfect place to rediscover the Wild West atmosphere. The decoration of the rooms and the different spaces really gives the feeling of being John Wayne and living in a western.

Unless you prefer the trapper-style huts of the Disney Davy Crocket Ranch, which offers fully equipped bungalows in the middle of a resourcing nature. With a Mexican theme, Disney's Hotel Santa Fe is colourful and delights children who are fans of Cars as it has been restyled by spotting elements from this successful feature film.

Finally, how not to appreciate the maritime and luxurious atmosphere of Disney's Newport Bay Club, which gives the feeling of being in a seaside resort of the 1900s and which, moreover, has been freshly renovated?