Situation. This municipality is called Ново Брдо/Novo Brdo (pronounced "no-vobr-do") in Serbian and Novobërdë (pronounced "no-vo-beur-deu") or Artana/Artanë in Albanian. It takes its name from the medieval Serbian fortress of Novo Brdo ("new hill" in old Slavic). Attached to the district of Pristina, the municipality comprises 24 villages and 9,700 inhabitants, 60 per cent of whom are Serbs and 39 per cent Albanians. Its capital is the village of Bostane (Bostan in Albanian), which has a population of about 500, of which 45% are Albanians, 40% Serbs and 13% Roma. Bostane is located 3 km west of the Novo Brdo fortress, 20 km north of Gjilan/Gnjilane, 20 km west of Kamenicë/Kosovska Kamenica, 29 km southeast of Gračanica, 42 km southeast of Pristina (via Gračanica).

Description. From up there, the view is superb: as far as the eye can see, nature. But Novo Brdo is above all a symbol: a fortress perched on an extinct volcano at 946 m above sea level. Built by the great Serbian sovereign Milutin in 1295, it defended the kingdom's most precious gold and silver mines. It was the last Serbian stronghold to fall to the Ottomans in 1455. Novo Brdo is also the neighbouring hamlet, with poor and rare houses, which is known only by its name full of history. Novo Brdo is still the smallest municipality in Kosovo: 204 km2. Finally, Novo Brdo is a "Serbian" enclave recognized as such since 2013 by the government of Pristina, even though 40% of the population is not Serbian. Relatively untouched by the war in Kosovo, the municipality is now torn between nationalists on both sides. But little by little, the local economy is taking off again. It was essentially agricultural. She's diversifying. A lead and zinc mine has resumed and the inhabitants are now relying on tourism. For, since 2014, the fortress is being rebuilt.

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