It was in the 1960s that a Neolithic site of the greatest importance was discovered here. No one imagined that, in an inaccessible part of the gorge, one of the most brilliant civilizations lived on the banks of the Danube between 8,000 and 4,000 BC. In the course of research, we realize that a unique civilization has developed here. She first lived in caves and then in the open air and developed a monumental art, then domesticated animals and learned agriculture. But the civilization of Lepenski Vir eventually disappeared. Most of the original site has been under the waters of the Danube for centuries, and the museum collects many pieces of it. Situated at water level, the site is quite small and represents only 3,000 m2 but, according to archaeologists, it is the most complete discovered site from this period of our prehistory. In the lowest structures, you can see about a hundred houses. They are trapezoidal in plan and were built of red brick and local limestone. Due to the friable nature of the land, most of the buildings are built on small stone platforms, while the others have sunk into the ground. The centrepiece of the Lepenski Vir site is a large statue discovered in one of the houses. This oblong stone statue has the particularity of offering three representations of human faces, with a round head dominating two stylized faces. Their symbolism and their respective locations on the stone are reminiscent of a shamanic cult. In addition, a large number of skeletons have been discovered in a necropolis or under houses, as well as numerous objects made of bone (needles, knives and weapons) attesting to the high degree of sophistication of this Neolithic culture. The houses, their layout as well as the configuration of the site are worth a visit.

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