Hakone is a region located between Mount Fuji and the sea. The main peaks are: Kamiyama (1,438 m), Komagatake (1,327 m) and Futagoyama (1,091 m). In the course of its history, the region, crossed by the Tōkaidō, became strategically important because of the customs barrier that Hakone constituted.

This region, intensely volcanic, abounds in onsen (thermal baths) and has been able to develop its tourist potential through numerous spas. The history of the region is also linked to the city of Odawara whose castle was besieged by Hideyoshi Toyotomi at the end of the 16th century. Currently, it is one of the favorite destinations of the Japanese, especially because of the beautiful view of Mount Fuji on a clear day and the many onsen. It is best to avoid weekends and holidays, when the hiking trails are overcrowded. Since the Meiji era, Hakone's onsen are reputed to be the most beautiful and luxurious in Japan. The other interest of Hakone is its traditional and unique craft called Hakone yosegizaiku (early Heian period) which is similar to marquetry, but whose technical process differs from those found elsewhere. This wood craft consists of assembling various native woods (of different species) to make geometric designs.

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