Razed by the German army during the Second World War, the city was rebuilt with a cookie cutter. So there's no interest there. Nevertheless, the beautiful surrounding area and its impressive nature clearly herald the proximity of Lapland, of which Kuusamo is in fact the eastern gateway. Rapids, huge forests and mountains extend as far as the Russian border. The roaring waters of the rivers, such as the Kitkajoki, which is reserved for experienced sportsmen, tumble down gorges and canyons. The Oulankajoki and the Iijoli also offer a lot of sensations for the most novice. The region is also home to the superb Oulanka National Park, which is the site of the country's most famous itinerary: the Bear Circuit. Mount Ruka (495 m), a trendy ski resort also frequented by Russians, located 25 km north of Kuusamo, completes the offer. Blueberries, wild strawberries and lingonberries (provided you are protected from the ferocious sääski mosquitoes that invade the boreal skies in summer) should also delight walkers.

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