The archaeological site of Apollonie is 11 km northwest of Fier and 95 km south of Durrës. From the centre of Fier, follow the Rruga e Semanit/SH94 which goes towards the coast, then turn left after Dermenas. Pojan, the nearest village, is 1.3 km from the site.

Apollonia is currently the largest archaeological park in the country. Covering an area of more than 80 ha, this ancient city constitutes a remarkable ensemble in terms of its state of conservation (outright abandonment in the 4th century AD, with no subsequent urbanisation). The site starts as soon as you leave the village of Pojan, but most of it is to be visited on the highest hill. At the entrance to the site, locate the map showing the layout of the main monuments to be seen. Since 2014, the site is inscribed on the UNESCO Tentative List for World Heritage status.

Let's go. From Durrës or Vlora, enter Fier by the Jani Bakalli street which leads to the city centre. At the Pavarësia roundabout, continue on the main road (Rruga Brigada IX Sulmuese, then SH94). After 6.6 km, turn left at the village of Dermenas, then drive 2.4 km to the village of Pojan. The Apollonia Archaeological Park is located 1,200 m after Pojan. Then you have to go up towards the top of the hill where the monastery, the central part of the site and the car park are located. From Fier, by taxi, the journey takes 20 minutes and costs about 1,500 lek. The driver can wait (count 3,000 lek). It is strongly advised to negotiate the price before going up. Minibuses connect Fier with the village of Pojan (50 lek), then 15 minutes walk to the park.

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