Nueva Palmira is located in the department of Colonia, at the mouth of the Rio Uruguay and facing the delta of the Rio Paraná (Argentina). It has a population of just under 9,000. The city was founded on October 26, 1831 by the priest Felipe Santiago Torres Leiva, in the former jurisdiction of Higueritas, right next to the port called Puerto de Las Higueritas, on the banks of the Uruguay River. The land belonged to the estancia of Narbona. But this was not the first foundation: in fact, the first one was created in 1809 on the initiative of Señor Torres Leiva without achieving the hoped-for success, largely due to the wars that the region was then suffering.

Two other attempts were launched in 1815 and again in 1816 under the impetus of Artigas and the good care of Don Manuel Durán. Father Torres Leiva finally succeeded in establishing a colony, supported by the inhabitants of Las Viboras (where he was parish priest) who had long wanted to move.

Today Nueva Palmira has one of the most important ports in the country, since it can receive transatlantic cargoes or goods coming from Bolivia or Paraguay by river. The city is connected to its Argentinean neighbour Tigre, near Buenos Aires, by a regular river transport line.

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