Carmelo is a small town that was founded by Artigas in 1816, in a place once occupied by the Jesuits. In 1758 the locality consisted only of a chapel and a few small estancias, and was destined to disappear due to the inhospitable nature of the place and the presence of a muddy river. Father Larrañaga circulated a petition requesting the relocation of the village to the mouth of the Arroyo de las Vacas. On February 12, 1816, Artigas accepts.

Today, the quiet streets along the river give the city its charm. It has thus become an important tourist centre over the last 30 years. But Carmelo doesn't live on tourism alone. In the first place, cattle farming (cows) dominated its economy until the middle of the 19th century, before agriculture became more important. From 1875, the town developed its export activity of stone and sand extraction. She added to this financial manna, pasta making and wine production, which is one of the attractions of the region. If you're around in February, check out the 4-day National Grape Festival. Numerous concerts take place on this occasion. You can enjoy water sports: Carmelo has a renowned yacht harbour. Fishing is another widespread activity. Finally, Carmelo is a gateway by sea (boats coming from Tigre, Buenos Aires). The route is incomparably more beautiful than from Colonia del Sacramento. If I'm hearing correctly...

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