With your flight ticket in your pocket, you are ready to go to Tōkyō, the capital of the capitals, the world city par excellence. Here, noise and activity are everywhere or almost everywhere. Stores play the pernicious melody of their advertisements over and over again, while the general hubbub of the major districts of Shibuya or Shinjuku doubles in canon. And always, a few steps from this urban jungle, the tranquility of the hidden temples which delivers a vital serenity. To discover this incredible city, there is nothing better than to be accompanied by locals. This is what Airbnb offerswith cooking classes, tea ceremonies, market visits or bike rides.

Like Japan, Tōkyō is a city of contrasts, between the suave colour of the city's gardens and the neon lights dancing in the pupils of the salarymen looking for a bar after work; between the deafening sound of slot machines (the famous Pachinko) and the melodious songs of birds heard in the many parks in the city centre. Far from the clichés, let yourself be transported by this visit to immemorial places where ancestral civilization blends with the madness of the bobos' clothing, where tea ceremonies conducted by geishas in traditional costume meet the deafening beats of Roppongi's clubs...

Tōkyō is therefore a place of discovery, meditation, "debauchery", culinary and olfactory ecstasy; because this city does not surprise, it amazes, it amazes, the young as well as the old, the atheists as well as the believers, the lovers of the first arts as well as the fans of mangas. Thus, some will be affected by the variety of landscapes, while others will marvel at the aesthetic research in the ikebana floral arrangement, traditional architecture, sumo meetings, the chaotic urbanization of certain districts, the cherry blossoms of April in gardens or parks, the Kabuki theatre or the record number of inventions filed each year at the Patent Office. In short, there is something for everyone's taste and sensitivity. Welcome to Tōkyō, a city of wonders and discoveries!

The world capital of the link

Tōkyō and its region have more inhabitants than most countries on the planet. In the very many and very different districts of the city, where tradition and modernity mix, it is possible to find almost everything from a material point of view. Travellers will surely be surprised by the countless shops open all over this city where it is impossible to get bored, thanks to cinemas, gaming halls, shows, parks, shopping centres, restaurants, nightclubs, karaoke, sports centres..

But Japan, and especially Tōkyō, are spaces of connection, of all forms of links and relationships. Here are a few examples. The Japanese house is not only a shelter or a break from the outside world. It is the very expression of the link between the inside and the outside, but unlike the life expectancy of the Japanese, the Japanese house is the one with the shortest life span in the industrialized countries (30 years). Also, in public transport, many tips are given to ensure that relations between passengers are pleasant. Every single package is wrapped with great care and is always opened with care. The Japanese people's highlights are the pleasure at work, sake with colleagues, cherry blossoms (hanami), the 500 or so handwritten greeting cards sent at the end of the year, life with friends at school and in after-school activities, golf days on weekends or the first sunrise of the year. Kaiseki cuisine expresses the link with nature in the presentation of dishes. In a word, anything that can link is welcome. One of the most appreciated sentences of the Japanese is "Ichi-go ichi-e": "at every moment its meeting". Tōkyō is an excellent space for link expression.

A paradise for new urban cultures and shopping

A visit to Tōkyō is an opportunity to get to grips with new urban cultures, not very widespread in the West. Karaoke and other gaming rooms are in no way comparable to what is found in Europe. A stay in the Japanese capital should allow you to immerse yourself in the new Japanese pop culture, marked, for example, by the emergence of "maid cafés" since the early 2000s. Tōkyō is also the extravagance of some unusual districts, such as Harajuku in Shibuya, Akihabara in Chiyoda or Kabuki-chō in Shinjuku. Welcome to the cosplay culture, a Japanese subculture based on appearance, whose followers transform themselves into characters often inspired by manga..

And above all, not sure that another city in the world has so many small shops per square meter. At Tōkyō, they are everywhere. On the ground floor, first floor and basement. Some Western clothing brands are better represented in Japan than in their European neighbours. Shibuya, Shinjuku, Ikebukuro, Ginza... The list of shopping districts is very long. A good tip: plan to have space in your suitcases to accommodate all your purchases.

Let's eat!

Finally, a stay at Tōkyō is a guarantee of eating well, without necessarily having to spend too much. Of course, large budgets will go further in their culinary discovery, but even popular Japanese cuisine is a delight. For those who would like to get started, private individuals offer cooking classes. Soba, yakitori, sushi, sashimi, soups, kaiseki, etc., will no longer have any secrets for you.

Smart info

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