Located at the foot of the Atlas Tellien, Blida, which means "small town", enjoys clean air and a quality environment. Protected from the dry winds of the south by the foothills of the Atlas Mountains, the city benefits from a climate and a hydrography favourable to the cultivation of cereals, flowers, fruits and vegetables, which have made the richness of the region. But it is above all its position on the natural road that runs southward from the Mitidja alluvial plain that has allowed it to develop.

The city was founded in 1553 by Ahmed El Kebir and then developed by Kheir Eddine Barbarossa for Muslims from Andalusia who settled there, importing the cultivation of fruit trees, especially orange trees, and their know-how in irrigation. The town, then surrounded by rose trees, was nicknamed Ourdia, "the little rose". Janissaries and wealthy Rais take advantage of the abundance of this city close to their capital to make it a city of pleasures that they call "the prostitute".
The French definitively occupied Blida in 1839, fourteen years after the terrible earthquake that destroyed the town and caused the death of more than half of its inhabitants. The city is being raised from its ruins according to a modern street plan with right-angled streets and low buildings to mitigate the effect of any further tremors. Blida then became a thriving agri-food centre and one of the first military bases in North Africa.
The time when the town, surrounded by rose bushes, used to hold the Battle of the Flowers every spring seems to be over, but Blida is still a very pleasant town, shaded by ficus and orange trees, where it is pleasant to walk and shop, despite the painful memories of a recent history that made it one of the peaks of the "triangle of death" during the black decade.

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