Top 10 unusual activities to do in Crans-Montana

A complete and unusual experience to live in an immaculate alpine setting in winter and green in summer. Let's take a look up and head for the canton of Valais, between the Rhône plain and the glacier of the Dead Plain. Crans-Montana offers a balanced relationship between a natural environment of rare richness and the great cultural diversity that makes the resort unique. A charming setting offering a selection of quality activities with the various museums, exhibitions, concerts and festivals... as well as a range of sporting activities in summer and winter and many opportunities to relax and enjoy the pleasures of eating, shopping and wellness. Crans-Montana lives intensely all year round and its dynamism is shared thanks to original and innovative activities and events. At your own pace, for young and old alike, stays in Crans-Montana can be arranged according to your wishes..

1. An invigorating family experience: enjoy a free lift in both summer and winter, from the resort to the Arnouva slopes at an altitude of 1,719 metres

In all seasons, the Montana Grand-Signal-Arnouva cabin is free for everyone. This 10-passenger standing cabin takes you to 1,719 metres in just two minutes. Arnouva is the ideal place to take your first steps on skis, go hiking or simply enjoy relaxing on the terrace. Ideal for families, as it is easy to access with a stroller or bike.

2. Stylish après-ski at the top of the slopes in Cry d'Er, at 2,267 meters!

Cry d'Er is not only the arrival station of the cable car, or access to the incredible snowpark of Crans-Montana, or a high altitude restaurant. Cry d'Er is also a trendy and lively place to start après-ski. A gentle madness at the top for fans who come to share a drink in an invigorating musical atmosphere before setting off for the last run of the day.

3. Snow for all: the park hiking and its 15 marked and secure ski slopes, created by the local ski mountaineering champion Séverine Pont-Combe

Unique in the world, this gigantic trekking park offers a positive altitude difference of more than 8,000 meters. Suitable for all levels, it includes three initiation courses as well as a course called "La X'trême" with 3,000 m of positive altitude difference and four climbs. These sealskin courses were developed in collaboration with Séverine Pont-Combe, ski mountaineering champion. There are 15 marked and secure routes available to you.

4. A magnificent playground with the 100,000 m2 Snow Park: a half-pipe with Olympic dimensions (the only one in French-speaking Switzerland)

The best snowpark in French-speaking Switzerland with more than 100,000 m2 and the only Olympic half-pipe in the Valais Alps, where elite skiers/snowboarders come to train or compete. Not sure you have the level? Discovery Park is for you and will be your gateway to the wonderful world of freeskiing and snowboarding.

5. Snowflakes in your eyes: cross-country skiing on the glacier of the Dead Plain, at an altitude of 3,000 metres, or on the snow-covered golf courses of the resort

Sliding in all directions with the possibility of cross-country skiing in Crans-Montana in a breathtaking setting. A 6 km track on the glacier of the Dead Plain, from where you will enjoy an exceptional 360° view. Other courses are also available within the resort, on the Severiano Ballesteros and Jack Nicklaus golf courses. Nature envelops you and you criss-cross lakes and forests before reaching the centre of the resort where bars and terraces provide you with a comfort after the effort.

8. Golf'Altitude with 4 courses on the destination and 3 others 18-hole in the plain, only half an hour's drive away

Exceptional routes with 4 routes on the destination, including the 18-hole Severiano Ballesteros and the 9-hole Jack Nicklaus which are located directly in the centre of Crans. The other 2 courses, Noas and Super Crans, are 9-hole courses designed for amateur or discovery golfers. Within a radius of 20 km, you can discover the 18-hole Sierre, Sion and Leuk (Leuk).

7. It's coming from the source! Ride your road bike and discover 200 km of itineraries carefully designed by a Tour de France regular, Steve Morabito

In a breathtaking landscape where plains, vineyards, historic villages, high plateau, lakes and mountains parade, Crans-Montana is today the Swiss alpine reference for cycling. 200 km of road routes carefully designed by a Tour de France regular, Steve Morabito. A great connoisseur and lover of the region, he offers extremely varied routes for all levels of the plain up to the heights, including the passage of a pass. All these routes are available on the Crans-Montana website and application.

8. Continue the ascents on the 15 trail courses, totalling 200 km and up to 4,200 metres of altitude difference

Whether you are a beginner or a pro, Crans-Montana offers you 10 marked trail routes. It is a network of more than 200 km that runs throughout the region. From 2 km to 55 km and from 300 m to 4,200 m of altitude difference, there is something for all levels and tastes. You can also practice on one of the four verticals or on one of the routes of the "Patrol Trail".

9. Along the water: pedal boat, paddle or wakeboard on a small mountain lake, then relax at the Beach Club

The pleasures of water are omnipresent. Is it possible to relax on a fine sandy beach in the mountains? Yes, in a preserved setting on the shores of Lake Etang Long in Crans-Montana. The ideal place to let go (deckchairs, swimming, bar and restaurant) with your feet in the sand. Beach volleyball and cablewake for a fun activity, or big buoys for the youngest. Paddle and pedal boat are also practiced on lakes Grenon and Moubra

10. Hospitality and hospitality with My Explorer Card to see the children's eyes sparkle and enjoy all the activities offered in the summer

All you need to do is stay in structured accommodation and pay the tourist tax to benefit from many advantages and free activities during the summer season in Crans-Montana. The lifts, the minigolf, the swimming pool, the climbing room... A lot of discoveries offered the day before AND the day after your overnight stay!

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