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Shopping – Fashion – Gifts Geneva : 365 Results

Practical information : Treat yourself (& others) Geneva


The stores are open from Monday to Saturday. On Sundays, everything is closed, except for the shopping malls under the Cornavin station and at the airport. During the end of the year period, some stores may be open on Sunday, especially in Carouge.

The opening hours are from 9 or 10 am to 6 or 7 pm during the week. Thursday is a special day with a nocturne for some stores (shopping centers in general), closing time is 9pm.

Budget & TipsBudget & Tips

Regular clothes in department stores like H&M and C&A are competitive. In general, ready-to-wear clothing is more expensive than in France. You will find thrift stores with notably luxury products. This is an advantage of the city

Shoes can benefit from interesting prices. Concept stores are often a little less accessible but always very original.

Tax exemption. You can ask for a refund of the VAT with the help of the tax-free form which must be stamped by a Swiss customs office. In Switzerland, the VAT is 7% and is included in the sale price. If your purchase reaches the sum of 300 CHF in the same store, you will benefit from the VAT refund. The application is made at a Global Fund office. There is a kiosk at Geneva airport for this purpose.


It is the perfect place for sales. The legislation is very flexible and sales can last all year long. However, there are two big periods: one near the end of the year and one before during the summer. There are many good deals and promotions can reach up to 80%. For sale lovers, Geneva is a good shopping destination.

What's very localWhat's very local

The markets are still in fashion and encourage meetings with the producers of the canton. You will find the list of the 28 markets by heading, day and place on this site:

For urbanites, the Halles de Rive is an invitation to enjoy local products of high quality:

Second hand stores. A vintage feel hangs over the city and many people are into second hand shopping. You'll find all kinds of second-hand products all over the city. The big stores are Vêt'Shop on rue de Carouge and Point Rouge Caritas.

Treat yourself with Swiss products. Watches of course! They are everywhere and you will have an incredible choice. Rue du Rhône is good for high-end houses and you will find a Swatch store in Rue du Marché. There are some second hand stores selling luxury watches, so be careful and ask about their value. The shopping centers (Manor, Globus, Balexert...) all have watch stores. At the time of the sales, it is worthwhile to pass by these spaces.

A Swiss Army knife is always a dream... The three floors of the Victorinox store invite you to discover all the brand's products and to make your own knife. Be careful, it is forbidden to carry it in your hand luggage.

Haggling is not customary and will be perceived as impolite

Tourist trapsTourist traps

Chocolate is the favorite souvenir of visitors. The Geneva craftsmen excel in this field. The advantage of choosing chocolate makers is that you can taste and choose. Instead of choosing souvenir stores, prefer to buy chocolate from the big Swiss brands in the shopping malls. The Coop and Migros have their own brands, which are very good.