From the time of its invention in 1839, photography has been a craze and French-speaking Switzerland is no exception to the rule. In Geneva and Lausanne, daring entrepreneurs opened photographic equipment stores and the first workshops. Returning to the fundamentals of this unprecedented episode, this exhibition offers a journey through the years 1840 to 1860 thanks to a selection of works by the Auer Ory Foundation. The public will thus be able to understand the polemics linked to an invention considered at the beginning as a simple mechanical process and rediscover French-speaking Switzerland in its former urban topography: car-free streets, lake landscapes and various portraits. From panoramas of the Alps to sites in faraway lands, photography has also nourished a love of orientalism, archaeological discoveries and the study of the past. These are all points of view that will enable everyone to experience the aesthetic and formal change brought about by the arrival of these first imprints of reality.
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