The Fédération du Commerce Genevois has played the card of originality for the end of the year celebrations by reinventing the Advent calendar which unfolds in life-size, with shop doors replacing the windows of the traditional calendar. In front of each participating sign, a special décor in the form of yuki (snowflake in Japanese) has been designed and visitors are invited to a treasure hunt for yuki throughout the city. The shop whose Yuki will display today's date will offer a special surprise to its customers on that day. There are also two online contests to reward the most beautiful photos of Yuki and those who found the mystery phrase scattered in the shops. At the same time, Carouge will host its great funfair from 9 to 18 December as well as the traditional Christmas market from 9 to 11 December. Live nativity scene, organ grinder, jugglers, clowns and bell ringers will be part of these enchanting days


Christmas animations, Carouge, Geneva, from December 1st to 24th

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