The small medieval town of Stein am Rhein, less than 20 kilometres from Schaffhausen, is worth a visit. As if time had stood still, this medieval jewel is one of the most beautiful villages in the country and one of the best preserved. Stein am Rhein is a small, lively and charming town on the site where Lake Constance narrows to form the Rhine. Its well-preserved old town centre, with its beautiful half-timbered, corbelled and painted facade houses, earned it the first Wakker prize in 1972. It's like a real fairy-tale setting! Stein am Rhein is home to the Convent of St. George, one of the best-preserved late-medieval ensembles, the Lindwurm Museum with its 19th-century bourgeois interior and agricultural outbuildings, and the nearby recreation area of the Werd Islands. Built in 1225, Klingen Castle dominates the town and bears witness to its eventful history. Finally, Stein am Rhein is home to the oldest place of worship in Canton Schaffhausen: a church dedicated to St. John the Baptist within the remains of the Roman fortress of Tasgetium, erected in the 3rd century.

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