The Concelho do Paúl (pronounced "paoul") groups together all the villages of the Ribeira do Paúl. It is one of the greenest valleys on the island, located 7 km from Sinagoga. Rich in plantations - sugar cane, coffee, banana, papaya, mango, avocado, breadfruit and bougainvillea trees grow simultaneously in this lush valley - it is one of the few places in Cape Verde where water flows continuously. The closer you get to it, the more the black, jagged rocks give way to touches of greenery. From Concelho do Paúl, you will continue to follow the road that stops at Cabo de Ribeira, at the foot of the cliffs. You will have a superb view of the valley. At an altitude of 1,450 metres, a path skirts the crater of Cova de Paul through a forest of conifers and fragrant eucalyptus trees. Going up the banks of the caldera, one reaches a pass that dominates the whole Paul Valley. A winding trail leads down the steep slope to the valley bottom.

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