From its former name Carvoeiros, it is the island's port, completely refurbished in the 1960s and renovated in 2012 with a brand new and modern ferry terminal. It has a 133 m long quay with a depth of 7 m. Thanks to the activity of the port, the city is very lively. About 15,000 people live there. Located in front of Mindelo, it is the starting point for all arrivals to Santo Antão and the exit point for all agricultural products grown on the island. Porto Novo is constantly evolving, as evidenced by the brand new vegetable and fish market. There are two black sand beaches, Praia Tesina and Corralete, on the road to Janela. The surroundings of the city are rather deserted and arid but as soon as the first laces of the estrada corda are crossed, the vegetation is revealed. Porto Novo is a central point from where you can easily get around, a little more than an hour from Ponta do Sol or the Paúl Valley, it is also from here that the only road to Tarrafal starts (count 2 good hours of road - and track! - anyway). Finally, Porto Novo enjoys a sunny climate all year round. When all other parts of the island are foggy and "cold" in winter, here the sky remains blue and the temperatures mild.

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