20 minutes from Mindelo, on the other side of Monte Verde, Calhau is the competitor of Baia das Gatas, which is home to Praia Grande, a stretch of fine sand, one of the best surf spots on the island and an ideal place for diving and snorkeling. It has become a residential area, many Mindelenses establish their second home there and go there for weekends or holidays. During the journey, we discover desert and mountainous landscapes, where a few small villages are grouped around palm oases, where windmills used to extract water from the subsoil stand. This beach is increasingly resembling a landfill, and initiatives to protect the site have been taken. If you follow this beach to the north, you arrive directly on the beach of Baia. Many hikes to discover the beauties of the island of São Vicente are possible from Calhau. From Calhau, the island of Santa Luzia is only a few kilometres away. Don't hesitate to hire the services of a fisherman to discover this desert island with its wild and austere beauty. Calhau is also a fishing village wedged between two volcanoes. Its rocks overhanging the water form an ideal diving board, and its natural pools allow you to swim away from the current (at the very end, behind the last house, a ladder allows you to dive into the waters of Calhau).

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