At 12 km from Mindelo, it is one of the favorite beaches of the Mindelenses, ideal for swimming and water sports. Some have even built their second homes there. It gets its name from the harmless sand-coloured sharks that roam its warm waters. It is a kind of natural swimming pool with a chain of rocks on which enormous madrepores, corals that form a dam against the waves and currents, appear. Parents can therefore let their children splash around in peace. The inhabitants of Mindelo sometimes come here to grill fish the Cape Verdean way. Be careful as the sea can be dangerous at times, and keep an eye on your belongings, some robberies have been reported. The municipality has carried out major development work, including the re-greening of the beach, the creation of children's games and the installation of garbage cans, sanitary facilities and a stage for the annual music festival, which heavily pollutes the area. This takes place in August and brings together on stage the greatest Cape Verdean, African and Caribbean musicians. Cesária Évora and Marisa have performed there several times. It now hosts thousands of people who gather to dance and sing for several days. You can also go along the beach on the dune side, if the wind allows it.

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