South of Calejão, 16 km from Ribeira Brava, follow the road to the airport, which will take you to wonderful sites and splendid views of the Ribeira Brava valley. You will also discover the valley of Ribeira Seca, where a well-preserved inactive volcano points to the enormous caldera. Going around it, you can admire the Monte Bissau and have a view of the port of Preguiça just below. The remains of its fort built in the early 19th century - mainly to protect itself from pirates - and the ruins of the customs post (only the blue chapel has survived) remind us that the island experienced a period of great prosperity. The main activity of the village is nowadays fishing, with about ten boats going out regularly. There is also a pebble beach where it is possible to swim. If you are hungry, ask for a small dish at the local refreshment bar, the owners are very friendly. Unsurprisingly, the specialities of the village are fish and lobster (in season, of course).

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