The word brava means "wild, fiery", as does the river that runs alongside this city on rainy days. It is a very beautiful city of 4,900 souls with its high peaks and deep cliffs. Ribeira Brava is with Tarrafal one of the two capitals of the island. It also bears the Creole diminutive of Stancha. With a very nice aspect with its old colonial cobbled streets, old stone houses, others with soft colours and its numerous flowered and shady gardens, it makes you want to stroll through its narrow streets. Many houses have a small vegetable garden and sometimes a farmyard. You will hear a lot of roosters as you walk around the city (they start crowing at 3am). Like all the other towns in the archipelago, its main square is very busy in the evenings. It's like a small village. During the day, it is also the starting point for the aluguers. The main church was rebuilt in 1891 and the work took seven years, making it the oldest cathedral in Cape Verde. Inside there are two tombs where bishops are buried. It is now renovated; to visit it, take the door on the left. A little further on, next to a square and the post office, there is a monument that represents the bust of a doctor, Jùlio José Dias, who was much appreciated by the population at the time (hence his statue). On the other side of the river stands the old Seminary building. Opened in 1866, it was the first high school in the archipelago to be attended by a number of Cape Verdean intellectuals. After the end of the year festivities, the second carnival of Cape Verde takes place after the one in Mindelo, and it is even crazier than the latter... The inhabitants of the island indulge in very pagan manifestations through certain equestrian games and rituals where the head of a rooster is cut off. The inhabitants of this region are spontaneous and very open to foreigners. This is the authentic and warm Cape Verde!

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