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What to see, what to do Vienna?

The 10 good reasons to go Vienna


See the Spanish Riding School

In an imperial baroque setting, discover the lipizzans and all the art of the Haute-École.


The Viennese vineyard

700 hectares of vines 80% white, wine bars and heurigers, taverns and arbors ..


Street art

Admire the graffiti on the walls of the Danube Canal and other murals.


Test a vegetarian star restaurant

Forget the schnitzel: the new chefs are offering vegetables and vegetarian dishes.


The New Year's concert

Waltz magic by the Philharmonic Orchestra in the Golden Hall of the Musikverein


The wealth of museums

On the walls: Raphael, Rubens, Van Dyck, Dürer, the Bruegels, Art Deco and modern art.


The Vienna Pride Rainbow

In June, the Vienna Pride with its rainbow parade on the Ring enchants and colours Vienna


Danube Island Festival

Giant and free open-air festival, with the Danube in a showcase and a wide variety of music.


Touring the great cafés

A Viennese pleasure! Refined decor, period atmosphere, stylish service and gourmet menu.


Following in Hundertwasser's footsteps..

A museum to see and the Viennese village of this humanist artist, pioneer of ecology

What to visit Vienna?


Interview: My Vienna

with Corine Lacrampe, author of the guide

Journalist and author, long time collaborator of Le Petit Futé, Corine Lacrampe made her first report in Vienna 20 years ago, falling immediately under the spell of this city for its culture and art of living. Today she appreciates its new trends: bio-vegetarian cuisine, vintage shopping and young designers, participative housing and eco-neighbourhoods, and always the charm of the Danube Island.

See the video of the interview

Good to know to visit Vienna

Timetable Timetable

Most museums in Vienna are open every day. Some have a weekly closing day, usually Monday or Tuesday. The opening hours differ from one museum to another, but generally speaking, they are open from 10 am to 5 pm. Some large museums are also open one evening a week until 8 or 9 pm.

To be booked To be booked

Please note that reservations are required for the guided tours of the vineyards. You must also reserve your seats in advance to attend the morning training sessions at the Hofburg Spanish Riding School. And of course, if you buy your tickets on the Internet for certain popular exhibitions or shows, you will avoid finding a closed door.

Budget & Tips Budget & Tips

Buy your tickets on the Internet to avoid queuing at the ticket office and often benefit from discounts of 5 to 10%, especially for Schönbrunn Palace, the most touristic site in the country

Opt for a Vienna City Card ( which gives you unlimited access to public transport and numerous discounts for attractions, museums and stores (from 17 € for 24 hours).

The Vienna Pass (, on the other hand, gives access to public transport and to more than 60 attractions in Vienna, including Schönbrunn Palace, the Hofburg and the Belvedere (from 85 €).

Several museums are free for children under 19 and on thefirst Sunday of each month.

Some museums offer cheap combined tickets or theme tickets such as the "Sisi ticket" to combine Schönbrunn Palace, the Sissi Museum at the Hofburg and the Vienna Furniture Museum, or the ticket that combines the 6 houses where famous musicians from Mozart to Schubert lived

Main events Main events

Among the city's must-see events, in addition to the dance season:

Danube Island Festival with a dozen musical stages, last weekend in June (free admission).

Musical Film Festival, Place de l'Hôtel de Ville, with international food stalls and giant screen projections, every evening in July and August (free admission).

The 6 Easter markets of Vienna combining chocolate and music (April).

Vienna Pride with the Rainbow Parade on the Ring (first half of June).

Viennacontemporary, international fair for contemporary art (end of September-beginning of October).

Christmas markets (mid-November to Christmas).

Guided tours Guided tours

Vienna is a tourist city. The tourist documentation is rich (especially in English), and the tourist guides are very competent, especially in French. A panoramic bus with commentary travels around the Ring. Several sites are particularly worth a guided tour: the UN city, the Vienna Opera and its backstage, the Schlumberger cellars, the oldest sparkling wine cellars in Austria, the Augarten porcelain factory, the Burgtheater, the Parliament, the Gegenbauer vinegar brewery. Depending on the health conditions, as an alternative to an in-person visit, you can enjoy a virtual tour of some of the collections and buildings of the Viennese institutions such as the Albertina, the Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna, Schönbrunn Palace, etc...

Smokers Smokers

Gone is the Austrian exception! Since the end of 2019, smoking is no longer allowed in Austrian bars and restaurants, following the vote of a restrictive anti-smoking law that prohibits smoking in establishments of less than 50m2, which until now could be entirely smoking. Smoking areas in cafés and restaurants that had been equipped with them have been removed. Smoking is now allowed on the terrace. Smoking is also prohibited in all public spaces and public transport.

Tourist traps Tourist traps

Relax, relax, relax your window vigilance, few tourist scams for this destination. No fake guides waiting for the naive tourist. Everything is well regulated, respected, organized, official... This is Austria!

What's very local What's very local

In Vienna one still takes out his evening dress to go to the opera and moreover to the ball. Women as well as men. Elegance is the order of the day and here is the opportunity to go out - or rent - long dresses and tuxedos. Generally speaking, proper attire is a must when dining out, at least in the evening. But you can cross the avenue in a bathing suit to dive into the Danube canal!

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