195 km from Djibouti, 35 km from As Eyla, 77 km from Dikhil. The lunar landscapes of Lake Abbe are surprising. When the sun sets behind the limestone chimneys, surrounded by bubbling springs, the scenery takes on the appearance of a fantastic world. A set that would have been used for the shooting of The Planet of the Apes, the 1968 film, some Djiboutians will tell you. In reality, the film was shot in Hollywood studios and in the Arizona desert (hence some similarities). All this can only titillate your curiosity, encourage you to come and see this place that marks the northern end of the African Rift. The road is quite long and stony. But the reward is worth it. The landscape is unique. The lake, straddling Djibouti and Ethiopia, is not so sorry. The rock and sand, of different colours and consistencies, welcome birds, flocks and nomads. In the evening, hyenas and jackals can be heard, which are numerous in the region. Sensation guaranteed!

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