A city of water (the Po river receives the Oglio and Mincio rivers nearby) and tradition, rich but discreet, Cremona is the symbol of an unknown but determined Italy in terms of economy and society.

Founded in 218 B.C., destroyed by the Lombards, it was reborn as a free commune in the Middle Ages and then experienced its golden age when it allied itself with Emperor Frederick Barbarossa against Milan. It ended up falling under the control of the Lombard capital, before being conquered by Venice. His fate will then follow the evolution of the whole of Lombardy.

Music gave Cremona its letters of nobility, which can indeed boast of being the birthplace of Monteverdi, inventor of melodrama, and Antonio Stradivari, master violin maker. Cremona is considered the capital of the violin. Between 1500 and 1700, the Amati, Guarneri and, above all, the Stradivari families made the most precious and renowned violins in the world. This tradition is still alive in Cremona, as evidenced by the presence of a school of violin making, a school of paleography and musical philology.

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