Neither a transport hub nor a gateway to the wonders of Český ráj or Krkonoše, Liberec alone has enough assets to seduce tourists venturing there. The administrative and cultural capital of northern Bohemia, Liberec is a large, hard-working and dynamic city (100,000 inhabitants).

The mountains are so close that all you have to do is take the tramway to go skiing on Mount Ještěd - 80 km of cross-country ski trails around Brěchov -, walk or cycle through the forest and bogs, swim in the surrounding lakes or spend a day at the Babylon Recreation Centre, a paradise for children. Both locals and tourists benefit greatly from it. The city has even made itself known throughout the world thanks to sport. In 2009, it hosted the Nordic World Skiing Championships, and its football team (the Slovan Liberec) is a frequent performer in the European Cups. The icing on the cake: all this just an hour from Prague.

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