It stretches between Turnov and Hrubá Skála ("rough rock"), a village known for its beautiful castle. It can be reached by bus from Turnov (they take you directly to the sites) or from the Hrubá Skála railway station. From the latter, a 3 km path leads to the stone town itself. The rocky town of Hruboskalské Skalní is the largest, the most accessible and therefore the most popular. Some of its peaks are as high as 55 m. The romantic valleys and the parades that separate them are so many paths where you can walk, pedal, with your nose in the air. There are many groups of rocks with names that are often pictorial, and all are connected by marked paths. The mineral pillars are surrounded by forests and numerous lakes in which they are reflected. And, to top it all off, perched castles offer other walking goals, other points of view. The place is therefore superb, not to be missed or almost. It quickly became the most visited site in the country (outside Prague). Then, in mid-season, it will almost belong to you, because in summer you will find it difficult to find privacy.

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